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What are the types of air filters my vehicle has?

There are three types of engine air filters that most vehicles use. These are:

  • Paper air filters: Paper air filters are the most common type of air filter used in vehicles today. This is because of their affordable price. However, paper air filters are not suitable for all environments. If you live in an area with more pollution and/or dust, a paper air filter will not be very effective at air filtration. Paper air filters are also best on small cars and are not reusable, so they need to replaced regularly.
  • Gauze air filters: Gauze air filters are more long-lasting than paper air filters and can be washed. There are two types of gauze air filters - synthetic dry and oiled gauze. Oiled gauze air filters need to be cleaned every 5,000 miles and is the more popular gauze air filter. The synthetic dry gauze air filter can be cleaned with a propriety cleaning solution. Gauze air filters need to be lubricated to work effectively.
  • Foam air filters: Foam air filters are mostly found on very small engines, such as on those of lawnmowers. However, some automobile manufacturers will wrap foam around their vehicles' air filters to create an extra barrier that keeps debris and dirt away from your vehicle's engine and combustion system. If you are in Los Angeles and are planning to drive somewhere with more dust and pollution, it is a good idea to get foam installed on your air filter so your vehicle is protected.


What is the difference between an air filter and a cabin air filter?

Your vehicle's air filter, also known as the engine air filter, prevents airborne particles such as dirt and debris from entering your vehicle's engine, which protects it as well as the vehicle's combustion system. Because of this, the air filter can improve the fuel efficiency of your car; it is important to get the air filter regularly cleaned or replaced to ensure this efficiency. 


The cabin air filter is designed to keep you and your passengers safe from breathing in any harmful contaminants while in your vehicle. This includes dust, dirt, pollen, mold spores, and pollutants. Typically located behind the glovebox, the cabin air filter is part of your vehicle's air conditioner and works to filter out the air as it moves through the HVAC system. Replacing the cabin air filter in your vehicle is part of your vehicle’s recommended regular maintenance schedule, because regular maintenance will preserve the air quality inside your vehicle. It is recommended that you get the cabin air filter replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. By maintaining the cabin air filter, you ensure that the air intake is excellent and prevent any debris from getting into the blower motor. 


How do I know when my air filter needs to be replaced?

We at Blumer Auto Center recommend replacing your air filters every 10,000 to 15,000 miles, or every twelve months. Some common signs that your air filter needs to be replaced include:

  • You are getting less miles per gallon.
  • Your vehicle's engine has trouble starting, misfires, or jerks roughly.
  • Your car is vibrating excessively and/or you hear coughing or popping noises coming from your vehicle.
  • Your check engine light turns on.
  • You smell gasoline when you start your car.


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